Pike (Esox Lucius)

Stockholm archipelago has probably one of the best Pike waters

in the world. The Pike is the most popular game fish in Sweden.

Mostly because of its aggressiveness and size. The Pike strikes hard

and gives the angler a real fight. We catch 10-20 pikes on a normal day.

Average weight is approx 2-3 kilo but almost every fishing trip

we catch pikes weighing 6-8 kilo. In early spring and late autumn

specimens weighing more than 10 kilo is not too unusual.

Season: From late Mars to late Novemberr.

Also excellent fishing for Sea Trout, Zander, Perch and Salmon.

Cost is 1,000/person/day. Less if you are more then 5.

Boats with 10-15hp engine, GPS, Eco load, Fishingmap is included.





Just a short tripp from Arlanda airport. Get on a plane after your afternoon meeting and come as you are. We have all equipment you need for succesfull fishing.

Stockholm Fishingcamp, located on the island of Gällnö, is a place for the true lover of the art of predator fishing. You stay in a house with great comfort. This place is not for everyone. We only aloud smal groups.We look for you that want to have a high standard of living, after a great day of fishing.

Here you have the choice of full catering or self catering.

We have local guiding, but if you prefer we can also arrange professional guiding. The groups are smal and exclusive. Never more then 12 people at the same time. Normaly only 6-8


Good fishing, good food and drinks, good living.

Here you get it all. You can stay all by your self, with your own boat and food, or book a guide and/or a chef to make your stay as perfect as possible.










Location »

Located on an island in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago. You have fantastic fishing in all directions.



Gallery »

Here you will find pictures from former guests and there catches.




Take a look at the new DVD movie about the camp, made by Matthias Wendt from Blinker Magazine